Karen Monument

Principal Adviser,
Central Highlands Children & Youth Area Partnership

Since February 2016, Karen has provided advice and support to the Leadership Group and stakeholders who form the Central Highlands Children & Youth Area Partnership. Using Collective Impact as a framework the Partnership is striving to meet its long term goal of "78 to 100 by 2030. All young people in the Central Highlands exit the education system at the right time and for the right reason - to enter work, further training or higher education."

Karen has a strong focus on creating the right Leadership environment for the Partnership that can remain committed to the long term goal of improving local Year 12 and equivalent attainment rates. 

Based in Ballarat, Karen has almost thirty years' experience working in social welfare and community development organisations in the disability, homelessness, family violence, adult education and home and community care sectors. She made a return to state government in 2011 as the Department Human Services restructured to an area 'place-based' operational model and made a significant contribution to the embedding of community development as a practice within this new organisational structure.

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