Conference Wrap Up & Presentations

On 10 and 11 April, Collaboration for Impact, supported by amazing partners Mark Cabaj, Clear Horizons, the Developmental Evaluation Institute, the Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre and the Centre for Social Impact, brought together 120 passionate social change agents to engage in shared learning about how to evaluate our progress and impact in complexity.  This post shares the conference presentations and other resources referenced.

Day 1

  • Opened with Uncle Colin Hunter from the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation welcoming us to county. He handed out eucalyptus leaves, which many of us slipped inside our name tags as a reminder of the country we came to learn upon. 
  • We framed up the purpose of the conference and the theme of Finding our way together, and introduced everyone to our two provocateurs – Skye and Liz who provided questions and reflections at the end of each session from an Indigenous evaluation and adaptive leadership perspective respectively.
  • A panel session from Mark, Kate and Zazie ensured we started with a shared understanding of systems change and the role of evaluation.
  • Des and Christy introduced us to how a collective of Indigenous leaders – called Empowered Communities were approaching the work of systems change.  Des shared what Indigenous-led systems change looked like in the East Kimberly region and Christy shared how that leadership is enabled by good facilitation, data, evidence and reflection.
  • Jess and Kerry demonstrated the next evolution of participatory evaluation - co-evaluation and proposed it could replace summative external evaluation in complexity.
  • We then broke into concurrent sessions, where some of us leant about:
  • A workshop on principles focused evaluation with Mark.
  • A workshop on Indigenous evaluation approaches with Nan and Skye who also provided a workbook.
  • We then broke into a Learning Buffet where we got to engage with 17 possible topics and their speakers to vote up 6 learning sessions for Day 2.
  • We closed the learning part of day 1 with Skye and Liz helping us work through the questions that had emerged across the day related to indigenous evaluation and adaptive leadership.
  • We closed the networking part of day 1 by sharing drinks and food together


Day 2

Across the Conference we kept a running list of other resources mentioned.  They are:

The conference closed with sincere thanks to all who made it possible – convenors, hosts, speakers, facilitators and participants all working together to create learning, adaptation and progress in addressing the most complex challenges we face as communities, nations and our planet.

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