About the Conference

Complexity and Evaluation: Approaches to evaluating systems change

The last 5 years has seen the rise of collaborative and innovative responses to the complex challenges Australian people and places are grappling with.  For these responses to address complexity and achieve large-scale impact, they must be driving change at the system level.  Programmatic change is necessary but not sufficient.

This Conference will unpack systems change– demystify it and make it tangible – and help you work out your approach to evaluating it.  The Conference will provide practitioners, policy makers and evaluators with:

  • A real-world understanding of what systems change is
  • Useable approaches to ‘frame’ systems change as a first step to evaluating it
  • Helpful frameworks to understand where you are along the path to system change and what you need to make progress
  • Practical tools you can use tomorrow with collaborators or in your evaluation work
  • Real-time support in their systems change work.

You should register for this conference if you are:

  • Leading or involved in change processes that seek to address complex, entrenched problems, including place-based reform and social innovation labs
  • Commissioning evaluations, evaluating or playing a data/sense-making role in change processes that are:
    • Addressing complex challenges
    • Seeking to achieve population level improvements in a place
    • Implementing interventions for system change.
  • Are writing policy or other approaches for addressing complex challenge

The conference has been designed to maximize participant learning from speakers and each other.  Participants are invited to:

  • Co-create with Mark Cabaj and Kate McKegg a principle-based approach to evaluating systems change
  • Bring the evaluative challenge or opportunity you are grappling with for a consultation session on Day 2 (Interested?  Email us at admin@collaborationforimpact.com)
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