About the Conference

Australia and the broader global community face messy, wicked and new types of social, environmental, economic and political challenges. The interests and power of various actors engaged in addressing these challenges may vary but what they have in common is that they need to measure and assess the impact of their efforts. 
How do we assess the progress being made towards addressing these issues? How do we adjust and adapt our efforts in the light of changing circumstances and social learning? What kind of institutional environments support and encourage the forms of evaluation and learning that allow agencies to respond to uncertainty and complexity?

This interactive conference seeks to explore and debate these questions by:

  • Exposing participants to different perspectives on understanding, measuring and assessing change in complex systems;
  • Exploring the technical and the adaptive/political elements of assessment and measurement;
  • Sharing lessons about how to create the enabling conditions and policies for different forms of monitoring, evaluation and learning that are better suited to this new context.

You should register for this conference if you are looking for:

  • Ways to better understand the complex problem on which you are seeking to make an impact. 
  1. How do you help stakeholders more deeply understand the problem? 
  2. How do you develop insights through the learning generated by interventions to deepen stakeholder understanding of the problem?
  • Methods, approaches, techniques, tools for evaluating the strategies and interventions you are using 
  • Examples of and inspiration about how to create the enabling conditions for this type of evaluation.

The conference has been designed to maximize participant learning from speakers and each other. Invitations are extended to participants to consider taking up roles to:

  • Share an approach, method, technique or tool at the Wisdom Expo on Day 2
  • Bring the evaluative challenge or opportunity you are grappling with for a consultation session on Day 2
  • Facilitate a group learning and reflection session on Day 2.

If you are interested in taking up one of these opportunities, please contact us. Once you register for the conference, we will be in touch with more details about these opportunities.

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